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Warming cup sampler set


Choice of 5 craft teas (red and oolong) that will guide You thru winter days.


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Product Description

Included in the set are:

Feng Huan Dan Cong 2014 – brews thick but light amber tea with sweet and warm aroma and lingering finish. Check the brewed leaves – they speak for themselves – 10g,

Yunnan Gold 2015 – Our love. This red tea stands firm to any competition. A potent brew that will awaken you for sure – 10g,

Da Hong Pao 2014 – from Wuyi mountains, protected by UNESCO as World Heritage. Artisan-grade handcrafted oolong – 10g,

Gokase Ginger – Medium fermentation; carefully roasted red tea from Miyazaki-san mixed with organic dried tulsi buds locally sourced at Gokase, Miyazaki. Early summer 2016, organic cultivation – 15g,

Gokase Yuzu –  Lightly fermented and carefully roasted red tea from Miyazaki-san mixed with organic dried yuzu citrus peels sourced from the same Gokase area. Early summer 2016, organic cultivation – 15g.


That’s 50 grams of finest teas that will send You sweating!*

*We are all same-same-but-different. Our lengthly experience of tea consumption tells us and oriental authors we’ve read ensure us that tea can be influential on one’s body and mind. But we are no doctors and we do not guarantee You will feel the same and we  . Actually, we feel really bad even just typing this, but that’s the age we live in.


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