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FAR EAST GROCERY TOKYO Shipping & Returns Policy


EMS – This is the safest and fastest method of receiving your parcels from us and takes 5 to 20 days** to arrive.  We now have discounted rates for most countries which makes this service only slightly more expensive than SAL (and in some cases cheaper than AIR).  EMS shipping has real-time tracking. After your order has shipped we will send you your EMS tracking number and a link to the EMS site where you can track your parcel. The postal site for your home country may also recognize these EMS tracking numbers. EMS shipping is based on a per 500 grams basis.


** delivery times stated are not a guaranteed delivery time.  Internationally shipped parcels must pass through Japanese Customs and Customs of the destination country.  We cannot control or be held responsible for delays at Customs.  If you are un-satisfied with service provided by your country’s Customs Agency you (as a citizen) should contact them and file a complaint.  


While we do everything we can to ensure that your parcel arrives to you in a timely manner and without breakage we cannot control every aspect of  global shipping. We hope that our customers will be patient and understanding with any kinds of complications that might occur.

To avoid any problems with your parcel:

  1. Make sure that you fill int correct billing and shipping addresses in appropriate fields of checkout page. We will not be responsible for parcels sent to the wrong address if that is what you have given us.
  1. Please share with us what kind of declaration you would like us to make on the shipping form.


  1. Should your parcel not arrive within the specified times listed just below please contact us and we will start investigating the matter.

Surface – after 15 weeks since posting*

SAL – after 8 weeks since posting*

AIR – after 6 weeks since posting*

EMS – after 21 days since posting*


  1. Should we decide that your parcel is indeed lost in transit we will offer to re-ship without additional charges. We will re-ship the replacement parcel using the original shipping method you paid for. Should you want to upgrade to a faster shipping method for the replacement parcel you will be charged the difference between the original method and the upgrade shipping method.
  1. Although we pack all of the items we send with lots of bubble wrap and take great care with packing sometimes items will arrive broken. Let us know immediately that you received broken items and we will replace them. If you are planning to make a subsequent order in the near future please let us know that it would be OK to include that replacement item with your subsequent purchase. Your patience and understanding is appreciated!
  1.  If the parcel is sent back from customs,  we will refund you for the amount you paid minus shipping (both to and returning from your country)!  Please be familiar with the customs requirements of your home country so that we can avoid unnecessary and costly problems and delays.  Should you need documentation or invoices sent with the parcel please let us know at or before the time of purchasing.
  1. If the parcel is returned to us as “undeliverable” or “wrong address” or denied by your Customs agency (or any other reason) we can attempt to send the parcel again, but you will be charged postage fees for the returned shipping as well as the second attempt shipping to you.  There are no 100% refunds for items sent back to us, your only option is to ask us to send the items again and pay relevant postage fees or pay a re-stocking fee of 30% in addition to return postage fees (from your country back to us).

         Please let us know if you do not understand the shipping terms!


  1. Returns may be made for items but only if they are un-opened.  Customer will pay return shipping to China before a refund is processed. You have 21 days from the date of receipt of goods to ship back the returning goods to us.
  2. If you want to return items there must be a valid reason. Simply not liking the tea or item is not a valid reason. Please try our sampler pack first to get to know our teas.


  1.  If an item is broken or missing from your parcel please inform us within 14 days from the date You receive the package.  We may require you to provide photographic documentation of the defect or damage before we can replace the item or refund you.
  2.  If an item is damaged or missing from your order we reserve the right to send with your subsequent order. We will not send the item by itself in a package of it’s own.  If you don’t want to wait to have the missing/damaged item sent in a subsequent order you may choose to have the price of the item and a portion of the shipping refunded to you.


Notice on Japanese Specified Commercial Transaction Law


会社名/company name 株式会社MOSPIC JAPAN
所在地/address 東京都港区六本木3-4-5
ネット店舗名/ store name 極東雑貨WEB SHOP www.far-east-grocery.tokyo
運営責任者/ store manager ブーラフ・ドミトリー
連絡先/contacts info@far-east-grocery.com

tel/fax 03-6441-0431


必要料金/Domestic shippings



不良品/Domestic Returns 料金着払いでご返送ください。良品と交換もしくはご希望により代金を返還いたします。
引渡し時期/Domestic Shipping time 受注後7日間以内に発送いたします。
お支払い方法/payment methods クレジットカード・PAYPAL決済・銀行振込(要連絡)がご利用いただけます。
返品期限/Domestic returns policy 商品到着より 7日以内にお願いいたします。
返品送料/ Domestic Returns shipment fees 不良品の返品は当社負担となります。